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book cover for The Entwining Protocols, science fiction novel from Shrike Publications

On a troubled planet orbiting a double star, violent conflict upends the lives of a young man and a young woman. The worst conflict is inside them.

Jackev’s twin brother Encer is dead. Somehow, he’s still around.

A powerful and controlling insurgent force trains Anith to help Jack with Encer’s gnawing presence. She’s a twin, too. Twins have special abilities for connection, or so she and Jack keep being told. “It’s impossible,” she thinks. “Jack’s a twin, I’m a twin, but we aren’t each other’s twin.”

The clock is ticking. If Anith and Jack can’t find a way to connect—to entwine — the revolutionaries forging them into a double weapon of assassination will be most displeased and the consequences, most unpleasant. Unpleasant for Anith and Jack personally, but disastrous for their planet, riven by civil war.

As for Jack’s dead twin Encer. . . he’s angry, stuffed inside Jack.

He wants to get out, and he thinks he knows how to do it.

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